In what circumstances can members enjoy FREE delivery / postage service ?
To be entitled to enjoy FREE delivery / Postage services on listed postal code area, one must become a
       Cash Advance members (Except for Cash Member).

FREE delivery service included area are?
No doubt  only listed postal code area are entitle to free delivery service within Peninsular Malaysia,
       but for those Listed under "Outskirt Delivery Area" are subject to the discretion of the Courier Service
       company, even though they delivery to most of the places.

Can we amend or edit the delivery method?
To avoid inconveniences & ascertain on prompt delivery, ACC do not encourage members to amend
       or edit once confirmation of order is made.

How will my goods be delivered?
Delivery lead time will depend on quantity & material selected . You may check them out on our flyer.
Note : Calculation will only starts on the 2nd day of an order placed provided members have sufficient
      fund in their A/c, otherwise it will be calculated according to the payment date.

Is it possible for members to collect their goods earlier than the expected date stated?
Of course is possible, but , we will be treated this case as "Rush Order" and an additional charges
       will be incurred.

Can member personally collect own goods at ACC premises?
Yes, you are most welcome to do so. Our freight delivery is from 4pm - 7pm , please call up to our
       delivery department before you make your collection from our ACC premises.

Can ACC directly deliver the goods to our customer
Sorry, that is not possible.

   What shall I do if my goods were to be exceeded the expecting date?
First of all, you need to login to your A/c in “Order Management”to check on the status.
       If that does not help to solve your query, please contact our customer service for further assistance.

   Is ACC ensure prompt delivery?
According to our Company record, only a minimum of 3% might be affected on
     delivery due to some unforeseen circumstances, the remaining 97% is ensure to be

     prompt delivery and members moral support will be appreciated.

   In what situation can my goods be delayed ?
There are some common situation like :
        - Artwork problem

        - Insufficient Fund

      Some unforeseen circumstances like :

        - Machine Break down

        - Traffic Accidents

        - Act of God  etc..

   How do I count the delivery schedule ?
An illustration on how to calculate the delivery lead time is available, please refer: <Click Me>

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