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When can payment be paid after an order made?
- As ACC is using a Prepaid system, which means you need to be paid up your
         Cash Deposit before the order was placed.
M300 and VIP5K Members, the Cash Advance Reload must be
          RM300 and RM5000 respectively or incremental of the same amount.
Cash Member only need to pay the final price of the transaction order.

As a Cash Member, what should I do if I do not know how much
     I ought to pay if I have an order?
In this case, you may proceed with your order, then about an hour later,
       you may find details on our “My Orders”.
      The delivery date shall be calculated according to the  payment date.

How do I make my advance payment?
   Basically we have 3 methods for your convenience :
        - Walk in, either by cash or by cheque
        - Bank in Cash/Cheque.

        - Interbank Funds Transfer.
Note:  If member select bank in or interbank funds transfer method,
     members are required to fax (03-9171 6675)/email ( the banking Slip or
     transfer receipt/statement to ACC as  proof deposit, otherwise your account will not be updated.

     < Email / Fax guideline to avoid incomplete payment update > < Payment update form download >

   Can I use Credit Card for making payment?
We are sorry, we do not accept Credit Card for the time being.

   Any specific amount for each and every payment made? 
   No, except for M300 and VIP5K members. The minimum Cash reload must be RM300 &
      RM5000 respectively or incremental of the same amount.

Why must I Pay in advance?
   The advantages of prepaid payment are it can auto debited from member Cash Deposit that save
       you far from time-consuming on banking, thus, making your progress easier and smoother
       yet at the same time members even can enjoy more  benefits.

   Do I receive an official receipt after payment?
If members paid through our Co. Customer service counter, member will be given an
      official receipt on the same day, whereas, Bank Transfer/ATM/Online Transfer
are not apply to.

   What shall I do if my cash Bill  found to be in error?
   Please call up or email to ACC to clarify & to request correction.

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